My Secret Self: Bold til the Very End

My Secret Self“My Secret Self: Bold til the Very End” — While reading Jon Acuff’s book, START, there is a section that stood out to me. The challenge was to be your “Secret Self”, the person you’ve always known you COULD be deep down inside but were afraid to be. The person you NEED to become in order to take your life to the next level.

When I look at this picture from a Murder Mystery Dinner Theater party in 2011, I see a glimpse of that Secret Self.

That person isn’t afraid to own her stage. She claims the spot light. My Secret Self is authentic with all the flash of her sparkling personality. She doesn’t play by someone else’s rules and makes no apologies for it. My Secret Self moves to her own rhythm. She pays no attention to the whispering from the shadows of the people who can’t hear the beat.

My Murder Mystery Dinner Theater character was randomly chosen to be the starlet for the evening. I played my character to the fullest from the moment I entered the building. The murder investigation was not going to begin until my character’s demise was dramatically complete, and not a moment sooner. My Secret Self, bold ’til the very end.

Who is the Secret Self you’ve always known you COULD be? Who is the person you NEED to become to take your life to the next level?



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5 responses to “My Secret Self: Bold til the Very End

  1. Anonymous

    Great post, thanks for your insights ; ) AND yes your character rocked!!!

  2. Louise Valenciana-Ruiz

    She is there and was there. After a thirty year career I became a person without employment during the tumultuous Fall of 2008. Talk about a shock. A large salary decline and no health coverage! My person for thirty years finally had a time to rest. Of course I went kicking and screaming. It has taken time to recover and I’m still rudderless. I’ve cocooned for months and am almost ready to move into the new stage of my life. Time is of the essence. Time was not lost, it was just an unwilling retreat thrust upon me. I intend to be bolder than ever.

  3. Wonderful post. Thank you!

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