My Wedded Bliss on a Hammock

Hammock of Love“Teens Only, NO Adults Allowed” –sign posted to a section of the Holland America cruise ship. This area had the best view and best lounge area. Peace and quiet was reserved for teenagers who weren’t even there. It was our honeymoon; privacy was a necessity from the noise of families traveling over the holidays.

I was ready to yield to the sign that obligated us to find another relaxation area. A book title popped into my head by Marcus Buckingham, First, Break All the Rules: (What the World’s Greatest Managers do Differently).

The delicate first days are important in the beginning of marriage.  A part of me was still suspicious that there would be fine print in the matrimonial contract and I would soon be informed of the unspoken expectations that would silently restrict my freedom.

I was reminded that just because other marriages follow certain posted signs, doesn’t mean that we have to yield to the same rules.

I think there needs to be a book titled, “First, Break all the Rules: What the world’s greatest MARRIAGES do differently.”   When a marriage contract is defined only by the two people in it, peace and quiet are invited into moments of wedded bliss on a hammock.

Reflect & Share: What marriage rules did YOU break? What NEW rules did you make for your marriage that have worked?



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3 responses to “My Wedded Bliss on a Hammock

  1. Louise Valenciana-Ruiz

    We were mature when we married twenty-five years ago. I had the more depth and breadth of education which meant that I earned more money than my loved one. Our mutual agreement was that I maintained my maiden name, my career was our focus emotionally and financially to nuture and not to have children. For some people over the years I’m sure there were whispers because I did hear the criticisms from colleagues even though they thought I was hearing them via the proverbial grapevine. It worked for us. We grew together and now face new agreements.

    • Thank you for sharing! I learned the power of “making deals” in my new marriage so both of us get what we need. I love getting wisdom from couples who designed a marriage that was tailored made for them. I appreciate you sharing what worked for you. I’m inspired!

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