Love on Purpose: Series Overview

Love on Purpose: Overview 5 Love Languages“This book will change your life,” my friend Erinn said as she handed me a Christmas present. She was right.

Gary Chapman’s, Five Love Languages is my must-read book. It is my must-have conversation with every new friend, old friend, and random stranger at the airport.

I am blessed with a platform to teach this love message to students just starting out into adulthood. I have a professional curriculum that I am required to teach. This is a bonus lecture that I am compelled to share.

When you know how to love someone on purpose and intentionally the way that THEY understand it, relationships are revolutionized; Marriages are saved.  My passion for the message in this book became a communication crusade: Love on purpose.

We all have love tanks that need to be filled. When the love tanks are on empty for too long, the ugliness starts to emerge. Spouses think, “he doesn’t love me anymore.” The logical conclusion to an empty love tank leads to a dissolved relationship. Learning the 5 Love Languages will help you translate how your partner is requesting love. You will feel empowered to request what YOU need to feel loved. The 5 Love Languages are: Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Quality Time, Gifts, and Physical Touch.

Three clues to help you find out what your love language is (or your partner’s):

  1. What do you complain about? (“We never go out anymore” –“You never help me around the house.” – “We never hold hands.”)
  2. What do you give away? When your partner is hurting or sick, look at how you give comfort.
  3. When your feelings get hurt, what do you pull back on?

Being fluent in your partner’s love language will help you understand that the complaint is really a request to be loved. I am saddened that marriages end and families are broken because of a translation issue. The 5 Love Languages impacted how I ask for love. Understanding the message changed the dynamics of every relationship. My friend Erinn was right that this book was going to change my life. By teaching the 5 Love Languages to new friends, old friends, and random strangers, we all learned how to love on purpose.


Reflect & Share:  Watch the 3 minute video and take the Assessment.

a. What is your primary and secondary love language?

b. What three specific things can your partner do to love you on purpose and intentionally using your love language?

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25 responses to “Love on Purpose: Series Overview

  1. Erinn

    Forgot that I passed this book along to you! I still bring my copy out from time to time…it’s always a good refresher. Such a simple concept too!

    • I use it all the time! “My love tank is empty” is the shared trigger phrase to plug-in immediately to the marriage and partner’s needs.

  2. Catherine

    I really do love to listen to you talk about this book, your passion for the message is quite evident. It is one of the books I have most appreciated reading as a married woman. This has helped me understand my needs as well as lose of my amazing husband.

    • Yay! I am on a crusade to help people build strong marriages and keep families healthy. It is a simple message with a powerful impact. Thanks for sharing Catherine!

  3. Eric I Sandoval

    I Remember being taught this is your class, shared it with my wife, brother, mother , and anyone that hear it!

  4. Louise Valenciana-Ruiz

    Interesting. I will have to take the assessment when I have a bit more time!

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  6. Chuck

    Great job, Darlin’

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  8. Anonymous

    really great…thx for the messages.

  9. Love this. I am getting married this fall and this is a good reminder on the importance of communication.

    • Congratulations! When I was engaged last year and looking for a relationship shake-down, there were limited options (pre-marital through a church or a counselor). I did my own marriage readiness preparation and now I’m excited to share all the great information with others. People get busy, then buried. It is a bite-sized piece of wisdom that is easy to digest. You should check out the series and take the online quiz. I’m a raving fan of the Five Love Languages! Thanks for reading my blog!

  10. Brandon Evans

    Love it Charmin!! I’m so glad someone desires to spread a simple concept of how to spread love in a positive way that will empower people in their personal and professional relationships. I strive to do the same in my music. Keep it up I’m behind you the whole way!

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  12. Thank you for linking to my blog: I found the book life changing too!

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  14. What a information of un-ambiguity and preserveness of precious familiarity on thhe topic of
    unexpected emotions.

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