His & Hers: His #2 Need is Recreational Companionship

His & Hers: His #2 Need is Recreational CompanionshipI have always wondered why a dog is a man’s best friend. What is it about dogs that make them so appealing to men?

This blog series is based off of the book, His Needs Her Needs. When I looked at the average man’s hierarchy of marriage needs, recreational companionship ranks as #2. Men want their woman to be their “buddy.” To go out and take up a hobby they can do together. What I found interesting is that men use leisure time to recharge themselves.

In the dating process, women often go along with activities because it pleases the boyfriend. After marriage, there is less desire to accommodate. Some wives may rationalize “we live together, we spend enough time doing things.” Sacrificing enjoyment by going along with an undesirable activity to keep the peace will only lead to problems (and complaining). The emphasis for Recreational Companionship is about “fun experiences.”

Danger: Doing separate recreational activities are a missed opportunity for couples. Husbands are having their most enjoyable moments in the company of someone else.

The Goal: Find activities you BOTH enjoy doing together.

For a fulfilling marriage, your favorite recreational companion MUST be your spouse. “The couple that plays together stays together.”

After getting a dog, I can see why canines are so appealing to men…they both like playing. My goal is for my husband and I to always be best friends. When there are fun times ahead, I want us to experience them together.

Reflect & Share: What fun activities do you and your partner love doing together? What solo recreational activity are you willing to give up to find one you can do with your partner?

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