His & Hers: Her #1 Need is Affection

fingerhugA Hug is Just a Hug.

Over the last five weeks, this blog series has looked at the top five needs of the average husband based on the book, His Needs, Her Needs (#1 Sexual Fulfillment, #2 Recreational Companionship, #3 Attractive Spouse, #4 Domestic Support, #5 Admiration).  For the next five weeks, we will be exploring the top five needs of the average woman.

The #1 need for the average wife is affection. This doesn’t mean a few kisses then sex. This means sweetness all day long. The book described affection as the “environment” of the marriage, while sex is the “event.” Getting a massage, holding hands, or cuddling that doesn’t lead to sex.

Danger:  What women think of as “just cuddling” men often see as foreplay to sex. Wives feel frustrated because the husband wants to get his #1 need of sexual fulfillment. When the wife says she wants a massage, she wants just the massage.

Affection strengthens a relationship.

I see affection as daily habits of consideration and sweetness. The small acts of kindness say “you are important” and “I care about you.” One action that I appreciate in my marriage is real hugs, a love squeeze. There is something that happens to all the stress and worry running through my mind when my hubby’s arms are wrapped around me in a firm hold.

Reflect & Share: What does “affection” mean to you?

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Resources: Find out your Top 5 Needs by taking the assessment or read the book.

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