Drawing the Line: Boundaries Law #6 “Evaluation” (#13-f)

chalkboard 2Setting boundaries is an occupational necessity. The beginning of a new teaching semester requires drawing the line early. I have one class that is a special condensed course of full-time employees. This special class was added to my schedule unexpectedly. I had to take a second look at all the lines that I normally draw and evaluate if they will work in this new context.

This blog series is based on the book, Boundaries. There are 10 Laws of Boundaries addressed in one of the chapters. This week we will explore the sixth law.

Boundaries Law #6 “Evaluation” helps us take a second look.

Hurt is temporary, harm is permanent. Sometimes people don’t appreciate the boundaries we set because it causes a disadvantage to them. When we look at the bigger picture, we can see that temporary discomfort yields to a higher purpose. “Setting boundaries is difficult because it requires decisions-making and confrontation, which in turn may cause pain to someone you love.” As time progresses we have to take a second look at our boundaries to evaluate to what extent they are still necessary.

New Habit #6: I will evaluate the effects of my boundaries on others.

My special class was very vocal about what they need. I listened. I took a second look at where I normally draw my boundaries to determine if they are necessary in this situation for this circumstance. The bite-sized piece of wisdom I learned from this chapter was “We need confrontation and truth from others to grow.”

Setting boundaries is an occupational necessity AND as I continue to grow in my profession I can embrace push-backs as an opportunity to grow. I am inspired to experiment this semester to evaluate if I need to take a second look.

New Year, New Habits!


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