Drawing the Line: Boundaries Law #7 “Proactivity” (#13-g)

proactive_2While working in bureaucratic institutions, I can feel the quiet frustrations. It seethes out as low-level grumblings of suppressed discontent. Getting handed a book of the organization’s rules and regulations is overwhelming. The desire to communicate clear boundaries can lead to feeling trapped in limitations.

This blog series is based on the book, Boundaries. There are 10 Laws of Boundaries addressed in one of the chapters. This week we will explore the seventh law. Boundaries Law #7 “Proactivity” helps us express our needs early.

One of the bite-sized pieces of wisdom from the chapter was that suppressed compliance breeds rage. When people don’t express what they need, they accept what is given to them. Instead of asking for what they want, they complain about what they get. Pent up frustration can lead to rage. Rage apathetically bulldozes boundaries. “Proactive people show you what they love, whproactive_1at they want, what they purpose, and what they stand for.”

New Habit #7: I will be proactive in sharing what I need.

I do not want to passively accept what people offer me when it doesn’t meet my needs. Not expressing myself is disrespectful to the other person because they are making decisions on a false perception. As a representative of an institution, I have to be clear about what I need before someone violates a boundary that they didn’t know about. I also need to be proactive in asking what others need so my efforts will be valuable.

New Year, New Habits!



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