Drawing the Line: Boundaries Law #8 “Envy” (#13-h)

grass is greener on the other side_envyBoundaries can help us feel protected. Having a clear line of where our personal responsibility ends can be freeing. Boundaries block us from taking on other people’s problems that we don’t have the power to solve.

Boundaries can be misused as a tool to distinguish that our grass is not as green as our neighbor’s. Modern day social comparison can be used to measure how we are doing in the game of life. We check Facebook to see whose life is better than our own. We can log off feeling unfulfilled and dissatisfied. 

This blog series is based on the book, Boundaries. There are 10 Laws of Boundaries addressed in one of the chapters. This week we will explore the eighth law. Boundaries Law #8 “Envy” helps remind us that we need to tend to our own lives.

Envy can make us pay too close attention to what others have and enjoy.  The danger happens when we stop focusing on our responsibilities and neglect the power we already have within our boundaries. “Boundaryless people feel empty and unfulfilled. They look at another’s sense of fullness and feel envious. This time and energy needs to be spent on taking responsibility for their lack and doing something about it. Taking action is the only way out.”  

New Habit #8: I will be inspired to take action in my own life when I see the blessings of others that I want to enjoy too.

When I look on Facebook or other social media to see the exciting lives of others, I will pay attention to what it tells me about what I want for myself. Social comparison can help me be inspired to take action in areas that I have neglected. Instead of watching someone else’s grass get greener, I’m going to see my friends’ lives as motivation for what I need to do within my own boundaries. I will get excited to see examples of what is possible for me too.

New Year, New Habits!

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