Drawing the Line: Boundaries Law #9 “Activity” (#13-i)

butterfly cocoonWhen we were little, we were told not to help a butterfly come out of the cocoon because it will die. The process of struggling was necessary for development. In our own lives, we may have created boundaries that may be limiting our growth.   

This blog series is based on the book, Boundaries. There are 10 Laws of Boundaries addressed in one of the chapters. This week we will explore the ninth law. Boundaries Law #9 “Activity” helps us to be assertive in pressing against boundaries we’ve outgrown.

We need to be in active pursuit of assessing if our boundaries are confining. “Many times we have boundary problems because we lack initiative.” Law #9 reminds us to be the initiators of activity instead of responding to someone else’s activity. We need to be seeking. “Be assertive and active in knocking on the door to life.”

New Habit #9: I will take the initiative to pursue growth.

One area in my life that I’m pushing my boundaries is my lesson planning. In the pursuit of continuous development, the boundaries I made for myself a few years ago are now confining. I struggle through the experimental process of trying a new strategy or activity. I’m stretching myself into my discomfort zone in hopes of having a break-through. The struggling is messy at first and necessary for my professional evolution.

butterfly life cycle

Like a cocoon, boundaries are intended for safety and protection. There will be times when growth requires renegotiation of limits. In the process of being assertive we can become stronger.

New Year, New Habits!


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