One Year Blogging (#2): My 3 Favorite Blogs


I’m celebrating 365 days of successfully staying alive. Birthdays can bring a sting of “I’m getting older, ugh!” I have noticed physical proof of age from the lines around my eyes that stay longer and are deeper.  I feel like I’m at the exuberant age of 25 still. This was the time when life was exciting because there were so many possibilities of destinations to go. Starting this blog has allowed me to share the deeper insights from what I learn.

The following are my 3 favorite posts from this year that resonate with me the most:


coffee friends1. Love on Purpose: Quality Time: I know people are busy. Time is a commodity with high demand. My friendships have changed as peers go through transitions into married life, then parenthood. Every transition requires more focus. I miss having the opportunity to talk about things that matter, the deeper part of life that gets skipped through in our over-scheduled calendars. I still want to know what is “really” going on underneath the surface. Part of the motivation for starting a blog was to invite more people into a quality conversation.


clipboard2. Appreciation at Work: Acts of Service: I love accomplishing tasks. I feel so productive when I accomplish it. When I have a clipboard in my hand, watch out! Things are about to get done. When my colleagues assist me in completing my to-do list of a project I’m working on, I feel supported. Not only are they helping me get results, they are allowing me the joy of checking something off my list. I love that feeling!


full bloom3. Drawing the Line: Boundaries Law #1 Sowing & Reaping (#13-a): One of the highest qualities I would love to bless others with is empowerment. I get a surge of energy when I get to witness people finding their own power from within and bringing it into the world. One lesson I’m learning this year is that rescuing people from their bad choices is not “helping.”

Birthdays have become a time for me to pause to really appreciate the people who I get to love. I pause to remind myself to continue the pursuit of making a contribution in the lives of others.

The successful completion of staying alive 365 days has allowed me the opportunity to reflect back on the year and how much I have grown. I do not want to celebrate age. I want to celebrate the fact that, “I am getting wiser, yay!”  I want the lines around my eyes to remind me how much laughter I have enjoyed with friends and family. No matter how many years I get to live, I want to always have the exuberant feeling of possibility. Unlike my 25 year old self, I am not going to focus on the “destination.” I’m going to savor My Journey to a Fulfilled Life.

Thank you for traveling down this path with me!




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2 responses to “One Year Blogging (#2): My 3 Favorite Blogs

  1. Amy Robe

    Congrats! Happy Anniversary & Happy “25th” Birthday! Keep being an inspiration!

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