One Year Blogging (#4): My 3 Favorite Marriage Blogs

1_cupcake_5The One Year of Blogging series has allowed me the opportunity to pause and reflect. This week I’m looking back over my blogs around the theme of marriage. The wedding planning can take a year (or more) to coordinate the micro-details of one day. I wanted to explore the lessons learned from the days after the wedding.

The following blogs are posts from different series over the year. Lessons I’ve learned about marriage:

1. My Wedded Bliss on a Hammock: One of my first posts over the year was about how my husband encouraged me to break the rules while on our honeymoon. I was reminded that we don’t have to follow other people’s rules of marriage, only our own.

2. Love on Purpose: Physical Touch: What I have learned about marriage is how powerful physical affection is in creating strong bonds. A seminar leader once asked, “when do men get touched?” I get hugs from my female friends. Moms and kids do a lot of touching throughout the day. Men get handshakes at work or slaps on the back from buddies while playing games. What was brought to my attention is that I am the major source of physical affection that my husband gets on a daily basis. I am reminded how important it is that I scratch his head to express how much I love him.

3. His & Hers: His #2 Need is Recreational Companionship: The added swing dancing_1responsibilities of combining two lives can get heavy. Being a fun buddy to hang around is important in marriage. The lesson I learned is to never stop having fun together. One activity my husband and I started was taking dance classes. We are swing dancing novices that are learning to laugh our way through stepping on each other’s toes while getting synchronized.


bed_his and hers4. Drawing the Line: Boundaries in Marriage (#5): Combining stuff from two households, dividing chores and working on a shared budget after “I do” can add stress to newlyweds.  Learning how to share closet space and MY free time can be challenging. When we have boundaries in marriage we establish the line of limits. One lesson I learned lately is to verbally share when I have “diminished capacity.” There is only so much I can sufficiently handle and it is my responsibility to share with my husband that I’ve reached my limit.

Pausing to reflect is important in helping me see the big picture. I get to appreciate how far I have come so far on my adventure in marriage. Celebrating the wedding day is fun. I wanted to celebrate the 538 days since the first day. I am reminded how much marriage has helped me grow on My Journey to a Fulfilled Life.




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2 responses to “One Year Blogging (#4): My 3 Favorite Marriage Blogs

  1. Chelsa

    Happy one year! 🙂 thanks for the posts, keep em coming!

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