One Year Blogging (#7): 3 Hidden Gem Blogs

cupcake_7_gemThis week I felt motivated to go through my closet and drawers. I was looking for items that I no longer use so I could donate them. In the process of digging through the junk drawer, I found things that got pushed to the back and forgotten.

In the One Year of Blogging series, I went back over posts to dig out hidden gems. The following are posts worth revisiting.

1. His & Hers: His #4 Need is Domestic Support: The life lesson in this post is about choosing appreciation over nagging. I’m reminded to say “thank you” instead of placing demands. My husband picks domestic duties that he can do well and I appreciate that it is one less thing I need to do. 

2. Drawing the Line: Boundaries Law #5 “Motivation” (#13-e): I hate feeling like I’m forced to do something out of obligation, guilt, or manipulation. This blog reminds me that if I don’t have the freedom to say “no” without repercussions, then I really don’t have the freedom to say “yes.” When we look at what we book into our schedules and the responsibilities of tasks we add to our to-do list, we need to ask, “what is my motivation?” Without the freedom to give with a generous heart, we are left with managing resentment (and stress). 

3. Drawing the Line: Measuring Success with Boundaries (#12): There are four indicators if we are successfully applying boundaries: You feel resentment. You feel at attraction to boundary-lovers, you feel responsible only for what is yours, you feel confident in saying “no” to the little things. One boundary I had the opportunity to protect is personal information. When family members want to collect data on what someone else is doing, it is not “my business” to share. This is a practice that I need to continue to implement. I also violated this boundary of sharing a story that was not mine to tell. This is a work-in-progress. 

I did some summer purging of belongings I’m ready to give away. There was a lot of unused items that were stuffed in the back of closets and drawers. The end result was two bags of excessive flip flops and clothes I don’t enjoy wearing. The one hidden gem I found was a Tiffany key ring that I can still use. The gem of my summer cleaning! 

My “One Year Blogging” series is coming to close. It has been a challenge and joy to produce content every week. This series allowed me the opportunity to reflect back over my favorite posts and a few that got buried along the way. I look forward to you joining me on my new series starting next week on My Journey to a Fulfilled Life.


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  1. Kathy

    Charmin – love #2! I am adding this to my planning. The busier we get the more we need to stop and ask that question.

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