Meet Charmin


Wedding Readiness

Wisdom served in bite-sized pieces. The speed of life is getting faster and schedules are getting busier.  I share the insightful highlights of self-development books with you. We can start here on our journey of self-discovery.

I am a newlywed (December 2012). I have been studying and reading relationships books most of my adult life.

Professionally, I serve others as a communication coach. I help people sharpen their communication skills so they can have healthy, happy relationships. As I learn, I have to share. My current passion is a Marriage Readiness program for couples who want to plan a lifetime together, not just a wedding day.

My Peace Corps Albania service (2004-2006) taught me about finding happiness in simplicity. I got in the habit of sending weekly email updates to friends and family about my reflection on the bigger picture based on insights I wrote about in my journal. I have missed having an outlet for a deeper conversation about meaningful topics.

This blog is about blending wisdom from books I read and self-reflection from my experiences in hopes the insight will be helpful to others. The goal is to spark dialogue for a life-long learning community.

I will be posting weekly.

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6 responses to “Meet Charmin

  1. Anonymous

    Charmin is AMAZING … has always been there for me as a friend, coach, big sis in life I never had, and thoughtful insights into mind, spirit, growth, and breakthrough!
    Love talking to Charmin about life relationships, and am so glad I can read her blog anytime !

  2. Louise Valenciana-Ruiz

    Thanks to a friend I found Charmin’s blog. I hope to follow her on her journey. Each of us is working an a fulfilled life. Look forward to her next entry! Good luck Charmin!

  3. Louise Valenciana-Ruiz

    Happy to hear back from you. You’re my inspiration today to re-start up my blog. Thanks Cathy posting your info on FB! Good luck!

  4. Anonymous

    Favorite teacher I have had in my college career! She has amazing insite and if full of wisdom!

  5. Loved your, “Meet Charmin”!! Are we going to be seeing new posts???

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