Blog Series

Blog series are based on the following books.  Click on the picture of the book or the link “read” to start the series.

bookshelf_5lovelanguages1. Love on Purpose (read).

This 7 part series is based on the Gary Chapman’s book, “The 5 Love Languages.” It is one of my “must-reads” to understand and effectively express love. The areas that are explored are:  Quality Time, Physical TouchActs of ServiceWords of Affirmation, and Gifts...Mastery Level. This book revolutionized all of my relationships and I’m compelled to teach it to anyone who is interested in building strong relationships. *Note: this book is Christian faith based.*

What I loved about this book was it shows up everywhere, in every relationship. I continue to practice at a mastery level of figuring out what people need to feel loved. I also get humbled back to the basics I love teaching the 5 Love Languages because I always need to keep practicing them.


bookshelf_hisneedsherneeds2. His & Hers: Needs in Marriage (read).

This 12 part series is based on William Harley Jr’s book, “His Needs, Her Needs: Building an Affair-Proof Marriage.” There are 10 needs identified. The average man and woman need totally different needs. This realization can help you understand why there may be tension in a marriage. We have to vigilant to fulfill our partner’s needs and to protect our marriages from temptations to go outside the relationship. The 10 needs are: Sexual FulfillmentRecreational CompanionshipAttractive SpouseDomestic SupportAdmiration,  Affection,  Conversation,  Honesty/Openness,  Financial Support, and Family Commitment. *Note: this book is Christian faith based.*

What I loved about this books is that it helped me understand my needs in a life-long partnership. It gave my husband the ability to name what he needs and for me to understand it better.


Boundaries3. Drawing the Line: Boundaries (read)

This 23 part series is based on the Cloud & Townsend’s book, “Boundaries.”  This book is rich with content. The goal is to help the reader explore how to take personal responsibility by applying healthy boundaries in various situations.  By “Drawing the Line” we can set clear expectations of what we are okay with and where it is no longer acceptable. This is an empowering life tool. The areas where boundaries were explored are: My Self Work KidsMarriage, FamilyMoneyFriends, and GodOther areas include:  Measuring SuccessResistors, and 10 Boundary Laws. *Note: this book is Christian faith based.*

What I loved about this book is that I realized how much our culture needs boundaries. I practice implementing boundaries to protect my priorities and to block toxic influence from having an impact on my life.


language of appreciation book

4. Appreciation at Work (read)

This is a 10 part series based on Chapman & White’s book, “The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace.” The book takes the “5 Love Languages” to the professional environment. You can practice expressing appreciation at work to give and receive the emotional paycheck that we all want. The 5 Languages of Appreciation are:  Words of AppreciationQuality TimeActs of ServiceTangible Gifts, and Physical Touch.

What I loved about this book is that it gives a name for what colleagues need in order to feel valued. When I’m intentional about expressing appreciation, everyone at work wins.


happy wives club book cover5. Happy Wife For Life (read)

This is an 8 part series based on Fawn Weaver’s book, “Happy Wives Club”. Weaver traveled around the world to find out the secrets that make a happy marriage. Create a Daily RitualDate Your SpouseHave Outside InterestsFriendship is EssentialNurture Your MarriageChoose Your Friends WiselySupport Your SpouseBrave to get a Wife GradeSeries Review.

What I loved about this book is that it helped me to stay focused on habits and rituals that are the foundation of happy marriages.


qc_workshop6. Returning His Balls: The UN-neutering of Men (read)

This 9 part series is based on Alison Armstrong’s workshop, “Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women” (currently known as: Queen’s Code). The series explores how women can stop emasculating men to bring out his best. Slight changes in approach reduce frustration and increase satisfaction. Put Down the Sword (#1), Release the Squeeze (#2), Don’t Ignite the Explosion (#3), Don’t Fight Nature (#4), Like His Design (#5), Top 6 Ways a Women May be Emasculating Her Man and Not Know It (#6), Hero Husbands Need to Save Your Day (#7), Emasculation Makes Women Lose the Best of Men (#8), How to Respectfully Interrupt a Man (#9), and Series Review (read).

What I love about Alison Armstrong’s workshops is that they helped me transform my relationships with men. When I really understood how men are designed, I started to see all the things that men do that make them amazing.


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