Happy Wife for Life

happy wives club book cover

Finding the ONE was always the ultimate pursuit in dating. What happens after you marry the ONE? Marriage is harder than saying “I do.” Just “stay married” was never my goal. I wanted to be a Happy Wife for Life. I was curious about how long term commitments thrive. I wanted to know how wives could still adore their husbands after decades of togetherness. What is behind the twinkle in a happy wife’s eyes that makes her face light up when she talks about her husband?

I read Fawn Weaver’s book, “Happy Wives Club.” She travelled worldwide in search of the secrets of a great marriage. She interviewed wives in 20+ year marriages to extract themes and to collect wisdom. The obvious answers are: Trust, Respect, Belief in God, and Laughter.

In this blog series, I want to go deeper. I want to explore what is behind the obvious go-to answers. I want to investigate what I can do to bring out the best in my husband. I want to be a lifetime active member in the Happy Wives Club.

I welcome you to join me on My Journey to a Fulfilled Life.

Create a Daily Ritual (Secret #1)

Date Your Spouse (Secret #2)

Have Outside Interests (Secret #3)

Friendship is Essential (Secret #4)

Nurture Marriage (Secret #5)

Choose Friends Wisely (Secret #6)

Support Your Spouse (Secret #7)

Brave to get a Wife Grade (Secret #8)

Series Overview (wrap-up)


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